After you download the map packs you need to unzip the file and move them to your flash drive. After you do that you can plug them in your PS2/3 and start using them. To get them to your flash drive first plug in your flash drive. Find download location of file and right click on it then click on extract all. A Window should popup asking when you want to extract them at. Click on browser button click on computer and then click on your flash drive then click okay. After it get down extracting plug them in to your PS2/3.

May take about 15 seconds for the PS2/3 to load them. You don't need to reboot PS2/3 after you plug in flash drive with map packs. Also note if you already select game it not going to update game details without go up tab and going back to the game, or you can just press x and it should let you join.

If the map packs still not working here are some suggestions.
Make sure the map packs are on your flash drive as ?:\SOCOMCA\RUN\ for SOCOM CA or ?:\SOCOM3\RUN for SOCOM3 then 11 .zar files.

If it still not working click Windows key+E. If using Windows XP go to start menu and click on “My Computer”. Then find your mass device. Right click on it and go down to Properties. Look for what it says for file system. If it says any FAT format like example FAT32 this is not your problem. If it not one of them you going to need to format it. We recommend you back everything up on your flash drive first as this will get rid of all files on your flash drive. Right click your flash after you backed up all your files and click on Format. You want to select FAT32 recommended, or you can select FAT, or FAT16. You want to click start. After it get done you want to copy the map pack files back to your flash drive. After that you want to plug flash drive in to your PS2/3 and see if it working.

If it still not working press Windows Key+R then type in diskpart and press enter. A black box should popup click on it and type list disk. Now look for number for your flash drive. Then type select and put number for your flash there and press enter. Now type clean. Then type create primary partition. Next type fs=fat32 quick. After that extract map pack files to your flash drive and see if game load them.

If it still not working still feel free to contact as by clicking here and fill out the form.