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How to Change Orbitals
Setting Static IP Address in Windows
Trouble Shoot Network Adapter problems
SOCOM Patch Compatible Issues

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SOCOM3 2.3 and SOCOM CA 1.4 patch notes
SOCOM2 patch notes
SOCOM3 Patch 1.1 notes
SOCOM3 Patch 1.2 notes 12-22-05
SOCOM3 Patch 1.3 notes 1-4-06
SOCOM3 Patch 1.4 notes 3-16-06
SOCOM3 Patch 1.5 notes 4-3-06
SOCOM3 Patch 1.6 notes 6-27-06
SOCOM3 Patch 1.7 notes 7-10-06
SOCOM3 Patch 2.0 notes 11-06-06
SOCOM3 Patch 2.1 notes 11-21-07

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